Watering Our Soul


Take care of your faith by watering it every day with the Word of God, the sacraments, and community life. God wants us to make a huge forest in Heaven.

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The Gifts Symphony


Every time we criticize our brothers and sisters we throw a bomb which damages our unity. Lord's community of believers huge orchestra plays amazingly well.

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Keep Silent And Look!


When you fall into the temptation of doubt, wait, keel silent and look! Pray to the Lord that you have clear eyes to look at His deeds.

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Find Strength In Him


Crisis and disabilities are not the last word. Cause God has given us an eye of flesh to look and an eye of crystal to look at the sky and dream.

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Rest On His Shoulder


When we end the day too exhausted, the simplest prayer is to picture John and recline against Jesus putting my head on his shoulder.

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Jesus Has Already Triumphed


If you find yourself in the middle of hard situations, the best weapon to avoid losing the peace is prayer. Jesus is beside you. He had already triumphed.

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The Engine Of Daily Life


Our lives hold the most wonderful motivation of all: all the people we meet, all the joys and grieves, absolutely everything is meaningful. Nothing is lost.

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