The Gifts Symphony

“Yet each person has a special gift from God, of one kind or another”.  (Corinthians 7:7)

My brother is an IT genius: analytical, clear-minded, disciplined, smart, tough, great researcher. I am quite the opposite: intuitive, easy to convince, creative but a bit messy,   always fighting against my lack of discipline. I am fond of my brother.

If you scan your friends, you will see in them a rainbow of characters. Some are cheerful; others are shy, but each has unique gifts the Lord has commanded them to build His Kingdom. Therefore, we are to cherish people’s virtues since through them we gain in knowledge and. And bear their flaws, cause they were redeemed by the same blood paid for our sins.

Every time we criticize our brothers and sisters we throw a bomb which damages our unity. Lord’s community of believers is a huge symphonic orchestra in which different timbres, colors, sounds are combined in a masterpiece of beauty. Don’t harm this harmony, but feed it with the music of your life!

Oh Lord, help me appreciate my brother’s and sister’s gifts to build Your Harmony in unity and peace. Amen

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