When Work Is A Road To Self-Destruction

“Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.” (Proverbs 16:18)

As a yuppie, my goal was to achieve profits for our clients. I wanted to earn lots of money in a brief time. So I focused on high-risk investments, which require minute-to-minute follow up. Due to time differences, I had to check Asian markets online and spent nights up to monitor market performance and act accordingly. My work was so stressing that I helped myself with alcohol to slow down a bit and go to bed. Sometimes I drank too much and became increasingly aggressive, especially with my wife. When I made a big goal there was no one to celebrate with: my wife was gone”.

Earning money is okay as long that is made honestly, used for your good and in harmony with your life. When we place money at the top of our goals and work as a sole means to get cash, we’ll be adrift soon. If we are lucky enough to have someone nearby to shake us up, we may survive. ┬áIf we are driven adrift by greed, we’ll destroy our life and all the significant things we love. Don’t let pride and greed blind you. Money is not the road to happiness, God is.

“Lord, protect me from perverse ambitions and help me work peacefully in your presence.”

When Work Is A Road To Self-Destruction

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