When Work Eclipses Everything

“It is useless for you to work so hard from early morning until late at night, anxiously working for food to eat; for God gives rest to his loved ones.”. (Psalm 127:2)

All human beings want to be loved, cherished and recognised for whom they are.  Every person is precious to the Lord: human dignity derives from our being God’s creatures, destined to eternal happiness in His presence.

The problem is that as human beings we are not in possession of complete happiness -which is God. Therefore, we seek for the “whole” in the “tiny”. Though created for eternity and the infinite, because of the original sin we are so short-sighted that we cannot view the “whole picture”. So we tend to seek the whole in tiny pieces of the picture. The fact is that a piece of a painting can only be understood and well captured in its unity with “the whole image”.  To achieve this, we need a master: Jesus, who has reconciled in Him all the creation. Through Him, we can recover this original unity we had lost.

But being on our way to fulfilment, we have an inner battle to fight. The battlefield is this tendency to view tiny parts of the picture, but detached from the whole. When we turn addicted to work our job, which is to glorify the Lord and provide the necessary for our living, is deformed. We expand our work to such extent that it becomes “the whole picture”. By doing this, we eclipse all the other valuable things in the painting of our life. Breaking the healthy balance our lives should have, we lose the possibility of enjoying the entire picture.

Dear Lord, help us to glorify you in our work and treat all things according to your will. Amen

When Work Eclipses Everything

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